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The Inimitable Los Angeles Real Estate Legend Flying Under Our Radar

Lawrence “Larry” Taylor’s straightforward, time-tested strategy – which acts as the solid foundation on which his company, Christina, is built – stands out in a world where real estate fundamentals are often forgotten. If you asked him what his magic formula is, he will say, “It’s simple, really – we buy great real estate in the best location at the right price.”

Since its inception in 1977, Christina has faced countless phenomena – six recessions, the Los Angeles Riots, and interest rates at 21.5% to name a few – yet they’ve never failed to deliver profitable performance to investors. The company has seen a remarkable zero losses in its 43 years of operation, so it’s no wonder why investors continue to entrust them with their wealth.

Great real estate

Taylor has been flying under the radar for over 40 years, but he’s responsible for some of the most influential real estate transactions and developments in the Westside region of Los Angeles.

At Christina, he’s embedded a resounding truth: “Great deals aren’t found, they’re made.” One of Taylor’s greatest strengths is having the wherewithal and the experience to find the golden nuggets in each project. Whether it’s sniffing out the multiple paths to monetization of a property, like in Century City, where he was single-handedly responsible for entitling a 37-floor, $300+ million project that would eventually be built to replace an old and tired two-story office building with no prospects, or redeveloping three blocks of Montana Avenue, the prime Westside Los Angeles retail district, laying the foundation for the success the street knows today, Taylor’s biggest successes have come from having the vision to see what others cannot.

The best location

Christina concentrates on investing in the ultra-prime submarkets of Los Angeles – Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, Malibu, Santa Monica, Westwood, West Hollywood, and Venice/Silicon Beach. With its perfect climate, beaches, mountains, and alluring culture, the demand to live in these coveted areas grows each year, leading to an undersupply of housing to service the market. Furthermore, there is next to no vacant, developable land left in these areas. This imbalance of consistently high demand and definitively low supply is what drives the value of Los Angeles’ Westside real estate market, and what makes it so appealing to real estate investors.

Having continuously operated in this region for years, the team at Christina knows the ins and outs of the city, which provides them with the unique ability to determine the true value of their investments.

The right price

If a property is not worth more on the day it is purchased, it does not fit the Christina mold. Many real estate investors look for “value-add” properties or deals where they can spend money to [hopefully] increase value. Christina has a different approach – they believe in what they’ve coined “value-boughtinvesting. Thanks to their longstanding relationships in the marketplace, Christina is able to source unique purchase opportunities at a discount to fair market value, which makes these acquisitions inherently more valuable on day one of ownership.

The key to this strategy is their keen eye for spotting properties that are in the middle of conflict – death, divorce, bankruptcy, disputes, and fund closures are Christina’s bread and butter. For more than four decades, Taylor has been nurturing relationships with real estate owners, brokers, trustees, lawyers, among others. Like his investments, his relationships are long-lasting, and he is no stranger to the waiting game. You never know what might provoke somebody to sell great real estate, but you can bet that Christina will be there when it happens!

The opportunity

Today, Christina offers investors the opportunity to participate in Christina 5, the company’s fifth private equity real estate portfolio. For more information on Christina 5 please inquire here.

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