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Our Founder Larry Taylor Featured on Verivest Podcast Discussing Los Angeles Real Estate Market Outlook & Investment Opportunity

As the second-largest city in the US, Los Angeles has a dynamic real estate market that receives global attention. However, with a sprawling layout and several desirable areas, it takes a specialized team with local expertise to understand the intricacies of Los Angeles’ booming real estate market. In this webinar, Lawrence “Larry” Taylor, Founder and Chairman of Christina, a real estate sponsor and manager focused on the Westside region of Los Angeles, will share his view of the current investment landscape. Larry’s experience as a real estate investor for over 45 years offers a unique perspective that combines historical wisdom with keen foresight. He will discuss the firm’s core investment strategy, as well as its success in 2021 raising capital for its third portfolio, and what is ahead for the market as we gear up for 2022.

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